An introduction to the history of lewis and clark

Introduction when lewis and clark and the corps of volunteers for northwestern discovery crossed into what is now the state of washington in october 1805, they assumed that the worst part of their journey was behind them. Introduction meriwether lewis was an american explorer, who with william clark led the lewis and clark expedition through the uncharted american interior to the pacific northwest in 1804–06 he later served as governor of upper louisiana territory. Lewis & clark’s law school, founded in portland in 1884 as the state’s law school, reorganized as the private northwestern college of law in 1915 in 1965 the school merged with lewis & clark and was renamed northwestern school of law of lewis & clark college.

Lewis and clark: from expedition to exposition, 1803-1905 introduction the corps of discovery in american and oregon history. Lewis and clark history lewis and clark 101 president jefferson may have been surprised when napoleon offered the whole of the louisiana territory for sale in 1803, but he was far from unprepared in 1792, jefferson had already started his quest to map and explore the lands west of st louis, and to find a water route to the pacific.

Lewis and clark were able to document over 100 animal species and over 170 plants they also brought back information on the size, minerals, and the geology of the area in addition, the expedition established relations with the native americans in the region, one of president jefferson's main goals. The missouri historical society's lewis & clark: the national bicentennial exhibition follows the corps of discovery from the banks of the mississippi and missouri rivers through the human geography of western north america today, the journals of lewis and clark provide a priceless glimpse into a world few of us can imagine. Journals of lewis and clark: excerpts from the history of the lewis and clark expedition [nicholas biddle, norman dietz] on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers great audio cassette set excerpts from the history of the lewis and clark expedition audio, while the editor implies in the introduction that he left out mostly. The lewis and clark expedition took place during the early years of our nation’s history, just over twenty years after the united states gained independence from great britain the purposes of the expedition were largely political and economic.

The journals of the lewis and clark expedition history of the expedition coues (domj), 31 the journals, editors, and editions will be taken up in more detail in the following section of the introduction and additional information may be found in the appendixes of this volume. Lewis chose a former army comrade, 32-year-old william clark, to be co-leader of the expedition clark was born august 1, 1770, in caroline county, virginia at the age of 14, his family moved to kentucky, where they were among the earliest settlers.

An introduction to the history of lewis and clark

Lewis and clark both succeeded and failed simply reaching the pacific and returning to st louis in 1806 with only one life lost was an astounding accomplishment, and the storehouse of knowledge they acquired on their journey transformed their countrymen's image of the west.

  • Lewis and clark expedition fort clatsop, detail from lewis and clark expedition map by william clark and meriwether lewis, 1804–06 library of congress, geography and map division, washington, dc on july 3, after recrossing the bitterroots, the expedition divided into several groups to better explore the region and two major tributaries of the missouri.
  • Lewis and clark returned to washington, dc, in the fall of 1806 and shared their experiences with president jefferson not only had they completed their mission of surveying the louisiana territory from the mississippi river to the pacific ocean – though they failed to identify a coveted northwest passage across the continent – they did so against tremendous odds with just one death and little violence.

During this time, lewis and clark wrote their first report to president jefferson in it, they chronicled 108 plant species and 68 mineral types upon leaving fort mandan, lewis and clark sent this report, along with some members of the expedition and a map of the us drawn by clark back to st louis. Lewis and clark expedition summary: the united states purchased louisiana from france in 1803 the huge part of the land west of the mississippi river was completely unknown to americans and needed to be examined first before it could be settled.

an introduction to the history of lewis and clark Lewis and clark expedition, (1804–06), us military expedition, led by capt meriwether lewis and lieut william clark, to explore the louisiana purchase and the pacific northwest the expedition was a major chapter in the history of american exploration.
An introduction to the history of lewis and clark
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